Senior Golf Reviews A guide to golf courses and equipment for seniors in the upper midwest of the united states

Senior golf reviews goal is to create a resource for senior golfers to get product and course reviews, playing tips, information and conversation with other senior golfers. nobody else truly knows the challenges, and what is important to senior golfers more than other senior golfers.


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                                                                                    WELCOME TO SENIOR GOLF REVIEWS

Here you will find reviews of courses reviewed by seniors showing costs, age each course considers a senior for special pricing, state each course is in, and our review.

With all us seniors looking for new places to golf, we are dedicated to helping you find courses in areas you'd like to travel to and in some cases, places to stay in those areas.  Just click on a particular course and it will bring up information we feel will help you choose the course to fit both your budget and playing enjoyment. 

Courses in Capital letters have already been reviewed and course in small lettering are getting reviewed this coming golf season.  Hope you enjoy this year of golf, and may the course be with you